Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally !!! It is DONE !!

I am still that inactive ><>

So, you all sure wonder why i said "It is DONE!!"
Because my group and I have done the model car. We used about 6 to 7 weeks to complete it.

Let me introduce my team member 1st , which is Mogan, Xiang Xiang, Sky(me) , and also Ghaz.

Because we not only need to design the body , but also machine everything out by ourselves. 1st time do so nmany hand work !!!GOOD JOB for my team . Although I know our car look not that nice , but I very happy already because we can do so many thing . And of course, I will post picture of it hehe.

Starting with one foam.

After shaping and combined together . This is with primer already .(The base)

1st colour paint which is white . I know it look like silver haha.

This one look white . Because many layers already haha.

Reflection Oo

Look nice right?

Me holding the pieces ~~

Yellow paint .

Nice ma?

Forget to move=( newspaper sticked on it~~

Repaint the layer , look very shiny hor..

BLOOD on hand ~~~ Xiang Xiang !! who you killed?

The chassis of the car, hard work due to many machining hehe. Dun think is given hor ~~ all is done by ourselves de.

The completed design . Tiger year ~~~ Tiger theme.

The tiger head cute?

Rear view of the car.

Side view.

Another side view.

Isometric view.

The so call tattoo with our name on which is mogan,XX(Xiang Xiang), Ghaz , SK (me). I think it look nice hehe.

Tomorrow is trial run for the car already, but don't my car can finish the run on the track or not ><>

Signing off from here . That all for today.

A new achievement for myself =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Song For My Dear

Just a short post.
This is a song I want to dedicate to my dear. Hope she will like it =)
Quite old this song but I think it is nice =)

Glenn Mederios - Nothing gonna change my love for you

I hope my dear Happy everyday =) Muakz

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today is the day of presentation on my Oral Communication .

Haizzzz, I hate presentation!!!!

Ok, this is my today attire? Look smart? Haha...

This time is a must to wear a formal attire for the presentation , if not mark will be deducted TT.

For today's presentation , my group is presenting on military plane. I am taking the part of spy plane and top 5 most expensive plane. Haizzz, still , i still felt nervous although practiced. No choice, starting the few min will have a jam , but after that thing went smoothly. Hope my lecturer will enjoy my presentation .

After that class goes back to normal but the class is quite boring .

After school dismiss , went to have dinner with Xiang Xiang and Terry. Chit chat chit chat woot time really fly when we chit chat? almost 2 hours we sit there haha . Talk back about the secondary school life , I really miss it =(.

So dam tired when I reach my room . Haha , gonna have a good sleep tonight .

Signing off from here =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Schooling life come again !!

Well, first of all , Happy 2010 Year to all my friends.

And also apologize for not updating for so long for the whole holiday. What to do , actually quite busy hahaha.

During the holiday, a lot outing with friends and family. But still , my friends every week also invite me to play badminton, neh ... Zi Liang lor ~~~ haha . I think once a week( sometime twice) haha. But ok what , exercise excerise abit.

Went to hiking with zl family 3 times already for the holiday . Haha, but not farla just Ulek there... Felt exciting and tiring everytime went hiking .

During 24 DEC, it was one of the best day I have in 2009 , 1st , of course is my birthday , but that not the only thing that make me happy. That day I was having steambot at friends house , it went like a normal party until around 11 pm. Wah , my dear had given me a surprise , a cake + a birthday song all of a sudden woot. I LOVE IT . haha. Of course , we also countdown together there, although not like a very grant one in the city , but still , the atmospehere is there . Thanks my dear for the day and the present . The present suited me well.

On 25 DEC, went to Melacca with my family and my dear. Suddenly go there for what?? OF course is the food , haha. This was the suggestion given my bro . Morning wake up , finish preparing , pick up my dear, and my brother's gf come to our house with her Avanza, that the car that we need for 7 ppl , yes is 7 ppl haha. No shopping there but walking around and hunt for FOOD. Morning go eat chicken rice , afternoon eat dessert at 三叔公. And night of course go to the capitol Satay celup. Woot dam satisfying. Around 7 pm we went back to home.

On 26 DEC, having a steambot session in my house . Many friends were being invited but still , a lot is MIA ? But still, all present one is appreciated. And also all eat until quite full due to a lot extra haha. Actually on that day my dear didnt come, but still , night at 9 pm she suddenly appear at my house , what a surprise . She never fail to give me a surprise . Thanks again.

New year? This year new year nothing much special for me because I didnt go countdown with my friends, haha . Watching firework at home lor? hehe.

Ok, time for the school again !!! OMG , IT IS SCHOOL AGAIN... quite hate it, but still, have to go . Woah , a lot of school work , it is like mountain , 3 presentation, 1 model car, 1 autocad work , quiz and blah blah blah, it is pressurizing me TT . Hope can finish them ASAP !!! if not it is gonna kill me ... It will be a very busy term.

I think I have to stop now lor, written quite a lot (due to long time no blog) haha.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Preparation for my Test ~~~~

OMG !! So near liao... Just one more week will be the test liao .


Haha the examwill be held at 8 and 9 of december ~~

4 Subject to be tested which is

3>Engineering Math

Haizzz need to study arh .. if not sure die

Hope can cope with my study~~~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Terry's party

Haizzz due to no camera, so I didnt take any picture since mylast time K810 is spoiled TT.

Nvm continue to my topic, today is terry's birthday party, so he invited (Classmate) to his party. Mogan in the afternoon go to CK and bought a set of perfume to become his present , costed $100 , hmm nvm ba since it is divided by 4, so it is still reasonable.

And where am I during the afternoon? I had went to JB, just to buy bus ticket for this Thursday , haizz what to do , I booked from the internet but it is under maintaince , I call the lady tell me it is full,I know that the way they want to enjoy their tickets were sold, so i decided to went straight to the ticket booth , woot , as I say, there were seats still available, haizz nowadays what kind of business idea also got.

Since long time I didnt eat murtabak , so i decided to have my lunch there , OMG the meal costed me RM 8.50 TT. But still , it is ok .hahaha

Hmmm, night at 6 pm, prepared and go take MRT . MY god ... it is Pasir ris agian , but what to do , 1 hours train lor hahaha. As a usual party, eat , have fun, chit chat lolx. Until it is 12 am , we decided not to go back since after midnight there isnt any public transport except cab. And that will make ur wallet dry .... haha. So we buy some food and drink, went to the seaside and sit there chit chat (Only Mogan, Yuan Tong,Dom, Xiang xiang, and me ) Because terry was fall asleep ... What to do , too tired to entertain all the guest.

Woot, the sea breeze is nice and cool . Then dunno who started the topic of ghost. Walau a, so cold and not only that , IT IS MIDNIGHT at outside , My God , talk like no body business.... But we didnt really meantion the "G" word just in case ... haha Really feeling thrilled but also happy to hang out with them.

Until 6 in the morning , 1st train is available . We say GOODBYE and went to the railway station. 1 hour train again ~~~~~~

Go back home also 7 amalready , lie on the bed , like dead already . Sleep till afternoon. haha.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Blood donation

This morning I have a machining class, OMG man, too blur go measure wrong... den cut wrong... haizzz, what to do, die die go find the lecturer, aiks.... he just give me a face den tell me go and redo . No choice, measure this and that again , cut here and there again , but this time very scare , keep using the vernier to measure to ensure it is correct ... Lucky I still manage to finish in time. I hope I won't do wrong anymore .

After that go have a lunch , den go to moberly play games with friend. At 1.30 , Lolx decided to go for the blood donation . Since I am not the 1st time , of course I don't mind to donate another time. Go there, register ,sit and wait.My turn , the nurse check my hand and tell me ,"Your vein very small..." omg, but still , she allowed me to donate blood. Walau a ,the blood flow dam slow ... take me 15 min just to finish a small packet TT.

Finish donate blood, next round go to Best Denki, with my group memeber to find something similar to our design and survey it ... haizzzz, walk walk take picture (Although not allowed). Finish , all went back home.

Tomorrow is Terry's party, will be held in Pasir Ris there , haizz long distance of MRT again ... Nvm la , not always wad =)\

For today , my dear have finish her exam, Oo good lor they all , can go for a holiday already....Hmmm wish to have more time with her =)

Today is packed with alot of work ><

Friday, November 13, 2009

I miss you

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
So I decided to write your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

I Really miss you now ><

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Woot finnaly, manage to finding the 3 IDEA drawing ><

Haizzz take me quite some time to draw it ><

Today need present it to the class already ,abit scare ,but nvm , I will do my best .

Feel quite stress but also happy in the same time for this weeks,stress because this drawing thing, happy because I can go back to Malaysia. 3 more days .

Nothing much to blog , need sleep already haha. Good night everyone.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Flipping around the bed . but couldnt get a sleep.

With a nice weather (raining), why I cant sleep?

Something is busy in my mind ...

Maybe I am missing u now =(

Wish me could sleep as soon as possible.